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Weekly Events

This page outlines regular events at our school along with useful information for the week. For daily updates of events, check out the News Centre on this website (the loud hailer icon).
Wheels Wednesday (and Friday)
Children are encouraged to bring their bike, scooter, roller skates, unicycle etc on Wednesdays and Fridays. These can be used during morning tea and lunch times. Bikes are to be on the field with remainder on the tennis court.

A whole school Assembly is held each Friday at 2.30 pm. This is hosted by a different classroom each week. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend.

Burger sales are usually held on a Thursday at lunchtime each week. (There is a vegetarian option available). Please check the weekly notices to ensure that the day has not been changed. Burgers are $4 and orders are to be placed at the office, no later than the day before.