Tasman School Memories ...

Jack Boyd  -  (His father was the Foreman of the Tasman Sawmill)

I started at Tasman School in 1932. There was just one classroom and the sole teacher was Mr Humphreys. He was a good teacher and very strict - no talking in his class, which consisted of 6 boys. Later a young girl came to teach the Primmers, but Mr H. got rid of her, she went out with boys!

Once a year we had a sports day held at either Moutere or Mapua. We would travel on wooden seats on the back of a truck.

I have an early memory of electricity coming to Tasman, It was the year 1931 and I was 4. I remember sitting watching men digging holes and using railway irons for poles.

The sawmill was built straight after and that increased the pupil numbers so that the school had to build a new classroom.

March 2013

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